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recycled boards

In a message dated 97-05-21 01:10:46 EDT, you write:
<< Davey board substitutes  I have went to the salvation army and bought
 hardback books for 10 cents each and took off the covers and bound them into
 a book >>

That sounds like a very reasonable option.  I have a question though and I
hope it's not too stupid, but are the boards on those books acid free?  If so
then there is an unlimited supply of inexpensive material lying around every
flea market.

If the boards are not acid free then would it be feasible to seal the page
side of the boards with something like a thinned solution of polyurethane or
other inert material to form a barrier before pasting down the end sheet?
 Thinned shellack is perhaps another possibility since either of the sealants
would not burn the paper over time as an oil based sealant would.  I guess
this is the metal person asking, not a paper person.

Chris Ray


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