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Re: Ink for printers...

> What I'd like to know is, who advocates what?

People generally advocate what they already have. ;->

I use an ink-jet, a laser printer, and an ALPS printer which uses
"micro-dry inks" instead of fluid ink, like an ink-jet. They are
advertised as being water-resistant (smudge proof) and fade resistant. I
very much like the printer for many tasks, including book art as it can
also print in metallic colors on a fairly broad range of paper surfaces.
However I kept my HP ink-jet (560C) because it takes heavier, rougher
paper through it and has a particular "look" to it that I don't get with
either of the others. I use the HP a lot less than I used to though.

For the money, the new HP printers are truly incredible, I've had
several students who have purchased the Stylus XL Pro (?) and their
prints were really remarkable, just not very permanent.  Since most
books are closed and not being subjected to UV sources, the inks would
probably be fine for many book-art projects, unlike the display of
digital prints. (I
teach digital imaging.)

We had a guest speaker show us prints from a Lexmark ink-jet printer
that they had gotten permanent inks specially made to fit the ink
cartridges. It seems one of the grad students' father made inks for
business and they prevailed upon him to make up a batch. I was green
with envy....beautiful saturated color, that would last more than a
year. I wish the industry would at least offer us the choice!!!

FWIW, ALPS = $450, HP $300 - $500, depending on options, HP Pro XL $1500

Darryl Baird
MFA student, University of North Texas

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