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Re: Before...fire/Elsa/Epson printer


Weber-Valentine is a paper converter specializing in xerographic
and inkjet media to any standard size.

They also have a rather expensive Raster Image Processor to control
ink volume, colour balance, and and multi-job processing ability.
The program has "memory" for media you have already calibrated, and
is probably the only program of its kind to handle Epson specific
ESC/P2 printer control. HP inkjets are also supported.

I sampled the program but considered the rewards to be too small
given my inkjet media selections. The standard Epson driver gives
ample control for inkjet specific media but for unusual materials
such as those mentioned in this "fire" thread it might be just the

See "Chroma-Control" at Weber-Valentine:
Hopefully they have lowered the price a little since I checked
although they do have a 7 day free trial if you are interested.

I hope this helps,
Randy Vos

> From: bobbi s. <bluerose@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Elsa,
> I was very interested to read of your experiments re:
> printing various fabrics/textures with assorted printers.
> My question is this:
> When using fabric adhered to freezer paper in your
> Epson.......do you use natural or synthetic fabrics?
> Also, how do you set the color so it does not bleed?

> If you have time, I would really appreciate more explicit
> instructions.  I have heard of this technique and have
> been tempted to try it as my color Epson is two years old
> and doesn't need to be treated like a precious baby
> any longer and I'm ready to experiment a little more.
> However, if there is really no way to set the inks so they
> do not bleed profusely  or disappear (which I have heard
> tends to happen), then I might be very unhappy with
> the results!

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