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Re: Davey Board/Substitutes

dan, et all -

i've looked all over for a good source of davey board for our art supply
store.  until a trade show a few weeks ago, i couldn't find any at all.

lineco/archival products is selling davey board, needles, bone folders,
bookcloth, linen thread, etc. pre-packed for a compact bookarts supplies
display.  i think the boards were cut to 13" x 19".  i don't get the size.
 is it a standard???

anyway, our display shipped monday.  we'll get it any day.  it is pretty
expensive stuff, but it is there.

i have been on occassion, selling crescent's recycled, acid-free mounting
boards to people who wanted boards for covers.  they are really cheap, and
readily available.  they do, however, have some flexibility.  i don't sell it
blind.  only people can work with a slightly flexible grain can buy it.

little rock, arkansas, usa

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