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Re: recycled boards, ink-jet printers

>From: Richard Minsky <minsky@xxxxxxxxxx>
>Even with new boards (I generally use Davey Gold Label) if you are worried
>about acid migration and warp stability it doesn't hurt to laminate your
>boards both sides with Permalife or some such buffered paper. Some binders
>advocate laminating cross-grain, sort of like plywood, for multi-directional
>stability. I usually don't do that, but keep the grain in the usual parallel
>to the spine orientation.
>I use an Epson Stylus 1000 for 360 dpi black printing on thick, rough
>handmade paper, and a Stylus 1500 for 720 x 720 dpi printing in color on the
>same paper. It looks spectacular, and since it's usually in books I have no
>idea about its fade speed in light. Both are wide carriage printers (17" x
>any length-- you can print a 13.5" image on a 17" wide scroll). The Stylus
>1500 was about $920. Epson also has a line of 1440 x 720 dpi printers that
>are fairly cheap (the lower priced one is under $300). I'm waiting for the
>wide carriage 1440 dpi unit to come out.
>Don Farnsworth showed some large prints on handmade paper at the Dieu Donne
>paper conference at Cooper Union which were inkjet with permanent inks. They
>were pigment rather than dye based, and were expensive, but can be used
>supposedly in any printer.
>               Richard
>               http://minsky.com

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