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Re: Readin', wRitin', and Radio (yak)

  As a book person, I gravitate to the independent bookshop over the
chain bookstore without having to think about it.  For one thing, local
booksellers often have connections to local artists, writers and
organizations that show up in their shops in the form of bulletin
boards, flyers, and that Special Shelf.  The Special Shelf is often by
the front door or near the cash register and features the work(s) of
local people, or the particular interest of the shop owner.  Even if it
is not an interest I share (like breeding miniature poodles, fly
fishing, making wind socks or the like), it tells you something about
the town, the shop owner, life in general.  If it is an interest I
share, I know I will leave at the very least with an interesting
conversation, and often with a book.  Now, I might have been able to
pick up the book at the chain store across the street, but I am far less
likely to have gotten the conversation there.  People who run bookstores
are a great national resource as far as I am concerned.  The NEH ought
to have a special catagory of grant for them.
 Dorothy Africa

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