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Re: Inks & ink-jet printers

 >............were pigment rather than dye based, and were expensive, but can
be used > >supposedly in any printer.
>Could someone identify a source for these inks?
>Many thanks in advance.
>Darryl Baird

I have just bought a HP 870CXi.  Naturally the purchase of replacement ink
cartridges will arise some time  -  but not immediately I hope!!   The inks
appear to be generally pigment based and the reproduction on ordinary paper is

If you look in general PC magazines in newsagents, etc, there are plenty of
adverts from small suppliers (in the UK at least) providing replacement
cartridges at lower cost - in some cases they offer to buy empty cartridges.
I have not made enquiries, but some e-mails for UK addresses from 'Personal
Computer World', May 1997, if anyone wishes to make contact are:
Mannink barry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jetica  jetprint@xxxxxxx
Cartridge Express       100713.500@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

No doubt there must similar sources in the US.

Probably the best advice will come from the original manufacturers on
permanency and paper pH.

It has been suggested to me by colleagues that replacement ink may clog the
system as the cartridge print-head returns to its parked position and, I
believe, is sealed in some way to avoid drying out.  Such a sealing pad could
be contaminated over time and effect replacement cartridge jet orifices
requiring a new pad assembly and new cartridge.  Perhaps someone has more

Rodney Fry
< rod.fry@xxxxxxxx >

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