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Istanbul Marbler's Gathering

Dear Fellow marblers......Apparently my source on the Marbler's gathering=

was wrong. I have forwarded this note to two justifiably annoyed marblers=

Sorry....didn't mean to make it sound so rumor-like, actually it was a ve=
reliable source who told me and I didn't think he wanted his name
mentioned. It was also mentioned that some people were already leaving fo=
Istanbul who did not know. I hoped to at least warn people of the
possibility and for that reason said they should check (not take it for
gospel) first. I unfortunately was in a a very hectic chaotic situation a=
the time I was receiving that message, with my mother at the moment
deciding to die again (she's been dying for the past year), a rush trip t=
a hospital an hour away, with no knowledge of how long I'd be tied up
there. I certainly am guilty of not verifying further, but was torn betwe=
letting people know what I heard, giving them the option to check for
themselves to make sure, or having some more people make a trip to a
conference that may have been cancelled. =

I am sorry for any inconvenience  and will re-check with the person who
told me this. He is quite reliable and someone quite devoted to marbling
for a long time, and I am quite confused about this..


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