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Laser printing on incompatible paper or cloth (and mesg)

Last week there was an inquiry about printing on papers where one might have
to use a fixative to insure adhesion of the toner. I have experienced the
same problem with some text paper, but learned of a solution that might be of
If you find that the toner has not properly adhered -- you can test with an
eraser or a piece of pressure sensitive tape (cellophane tape) -- you might
try putting the paper through a photocopier as if you were copying a blank
sheet of paper. To prevent any possible pickup of toner, set the contrast on
the very lightest setting. Run the incompatible sheet with the sensitive
image through the copier about four times and the results can be very
satisfying -- I use the sheet feed station. The machine should be as hot as
possible for the best bond. By running the paper through you will get both
the heat and the pressure of the fusion rollers for a more secure bond.
Another suggestion:  I once needed a label for a book printed on cotton
muslin. The cloth was lightly sized with methyl cellulose to stiffen and to
lay flat. After drying on a piece of Mylar, it was bone foldered for a
smoother finish (the smoother the better). The leading edge was then taped to
a sheet of paper. The leading edge of the paper was folded over the tape to
reduce the chance of a problem. After printing, the toner may need to be
further secured. The above technique can be used. It may require a fixative
as well.
My printer is a H/P IIP and my copier is a Canon PC-20.
Hope it works for you. Good Luck
Bill Minter

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