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Summer Workshops with Kitty Maryatt - 1997

Kitty Maryatt, Proprietor
22137 Avenue San Luis
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 703-0257

Classes are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday and Sunday.
Cost:  $175 each class and includes all materials.

If you need to present your work to a client so that your work will
stand out from the rest, this class is for you.  You will learn how
to make a unique portfolio using your own (store-bought) cloth and
handmade decorated paper.  We will mount your cloth to paper to be
able to use it as bookcloth to glue to your portfolio boards.  Then
we will decorate paper to accompany your cloth.  This portfolio will
fold out in four directions to reveal your work.  You can customize
your closure as well.  You will need to choose a size that will work
for you, but no larger than 11 x 14 on this one.  You can make bigger
ones at your studio once you learn the techniques.  I will advise you
before you come as to which fabrics are best for this technique and
how many yards you might need.  Paper and acrylics for the paste
decorating technique are provided.

BOARD ATTACHMENT:  100 Ways to Attach your Cover - June 21-22
This is an overview of some of the 100 ways to attach hard covers to
text blocks.  We will explore methods including lacing-on, casing-in,
and gluing and hinging and investigate the advantages and
disadvantages of each method.  We will also look at many different
materials for use as covers:  the usual Davey board, museum board,
wood, plastic and metal.  You will see how each material has its own
requirements.  Models of several kinds of simple attachments will be
developed.  Some models will require sewing a book in a particular
way for attachment.  This class will give you a better idea of what's
happening when the cover hinges away from the text block and how to
strengthen that function.

This class was oversubscribed in the last two season's offerings, so
here it is once again!  There are at least 100 different ways to sew
signatures together to make books, including sewing over tapes, over
cords and using unsupported sewing structures.  In this class, you
will sew about 50 sewing variations on thin index cards which will
simulate sewing through the fold on signatures.  In this way, you
will begin to understand how to bind books in many different ways and
the function of each technique.  You will also learn about oversewing
and tacketing and the famous catepillar stitch.  This approach was
taught to me by Betsy Eldridge at PBI (Paper and Book Intensive) many
years ago, and I think it is extremely helpful for gaining
perspective on the binding process.  You should have sewn at least
one book before you take this class.

FIX IT UP!  Beginning Book Repair - July 12-13
Have you got 100 beautiful old books lying around waiting for a face
lift?  Learn how to resew and recase a book that has been loved to
death.  You will learn in this class how to choose which book is
reasonable to repair when you are a novice bookbinder:  is the paper
too brittle?  Can you save any part of the cover?  Do I have to resew
the book?  How do you match the titling if you can't save any part of
the cover?  Should I stay away from leather repair until I have
learned to work with leather?  We will work as a repair team on
several books at once in this class, choosing from the books you
bring as to which ones are appropriate to repair in a weekend.  We
will disbind the book, get the old glue off the spine, make simple
paper tear repairs,  resew the book, round and back the book, and
construct a new cloth case.  Bring at least two or three choices of
books to repair, preferably books that aren't too valuable or
precious to you, so that you can use them to learn on.  Books that
have been sewn are required, not books that have had their spines cut
off and glued up.  Look in the center of a signature to see the
sewing threads:  was it hand sewn over cords or tapes or machine
stitched?  Books that have been rounded and backed are best as well.
Don't expect to open a repair business after this class!  But you
will gain an appreciation of the complexities of repair, and you can
begin to repair your own books.


Each class is $175 including all materials.  A non-refundable
deposit of $85 is required to hold a place in each workshop.  Deposit
will be returned if enrollment is insufficient.  Please list which
classes you will be attending, plus your name, address, and telephone
number (day and evening).

Confirmation of enrollment and a list of tools required will be sent
upon receipt of deposit.  Please feel free to telephone or FAX the
number above for more information.

Two Hands Press is a book arts design studio where we do commercial
work for clients.  We design trade books, design, print and bind
limited edition books both by letterpress and on the computer,
fabricate custom bookbindings, portfolios and boxes and do
calligraphic lettering and logos.

Kitty Maryatt
Two Hands Press

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