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Istanbul Marbler's Gathering cancellation confusion& apoligies

The Marbler's Gathering in Istanbul has indeed NOT been Cancelled.  I
recieved a telephone message from Istanbul indicating that it wasn't, and
that it was still open for those who wish to attend.

  What WAS cancelled was an event featuring mainly CALLIGRAPHERS, which
apparently was also feature some MARBLERS, coming from the USA, Europe and
Turkey, Ironically being held a couple weeks after the Istanbul Gathering.
   Recently, the organizer of the Calligraphy/marbling event, called an
american calligrapher he had invited to teach at the event, cancelling his
inivitation it was assumed on my part that the event concerned was the
Marbler's Gathering-  I had assumed the event heard about the involovement of
some Marbler's Gathering hasn't been cancelled, nor was that ever the case.
 My confusion arose due to some marbler's participation being mentioned for
both events.- I mentioned what I'd heard to Iris- and she posted her message
thinking what I said to be true, when I hadn't checked to see if this was the

  Apoligies to those marbler's who are planning to go to the Marbler's
Gathering who were shaken by the rumor of a sudden cancellation.  the best of
luck and enjoy your trip!

Jake Benson

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