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Istanbul Marbler's Gathering Cancellation rumor&apoligies

  I must admit I feel badly since I am the source of the rumor that the
Gathering was cancelled.  An calligrapher aqquaintance of mine was going to a
calligraphy event, which also included some marbler's in Istanbul, with
people attending from around the world-but the event was cancelled.  I
assumed it was the Marbler's Gathering, as I had understood there were
Marbler's participating at the event, and it was being held very closely in
time with the Marbler's Gathering.

 I now have a message from Istanbul on my answering machine indicating that
the Marbler's Gathering IS NOT cancelled- nor was it ever, and my apoligies
to everyone out there who are planning to go to Istanbul for the Marbler's

May you all have a fun-filled and interesting trip.

Jake Benson

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