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Antique Box Papers.

Hi Folks.

A fellow stopped in our gallery today with some early Art Deco samples of
great patterned papers/cloth evidently used for making presentation boxes
(think jewelry or some such here).  The sheets are about 9x12, all with
lining paper describing the pattern and ordering information on the back.
Some have a couple of holes punched on the side where they had been
mounted into a sample book.  Based on my knowledge of paper degradation,
I'd say that these are in fair shape, but I'm not a fiber expert.  He had
15 samples, which had evidently once been sent to a museum curator here
in the midwest, some 50+ years ago, for what purpose I'm not sure.

Anyway...is there anyone out there who might be interested in these things
either for historic value, or for use in making art, lining boxes, making
small books, et cetera?  Advice and response would be appreciated.  I'm
just doing this to help this fellow out, and to hopefully find someone who
will appreciate the samples.

James T. Downey         jdowney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Legacy Art & BookWorks, Inc.
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