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Re: More on using computer printers...

At 01:27 PM 5/21/97 -0700, you wrote:
>On average, how acidic is your standard printer paper of the sort you buy
>by the ream in stationary stores? Is it going to disintegrate within two
>decades or will it stand up reasonably well? Is there a brand which is
>better than most? Thanks in advance for the info.


Most of the big paper mills have been gradually eliminating their acidic
processes for a while now.  Less acidic paper in realy becomming a
by-product of re-engineering of the company processes to clean-up acid rain
and pollution damaged waterways.  If you have ever driven by a papermill you
would understand the kind of pollution they have been known for.  Most
commercial bond papers are getting better and you can buy acid-free recycled
paper for laser or ink-jet printing.  However there is a big range within
this group and what is acid-free today may not remain so later.

I use a bond paper made for photcopying permanent archival records. I is
called Permalife and is made by Howard Paper.  Light Impressions in
Rochester NY (and others) sell it for 7-9 bucks a ream(?)  It letterpress
prints well.  I use it for good letterhead.  It looks smooth and white like
very good copy paper.  Not fancy but solid looking.  The watermark is large
but not too bold and its placement is vertical random in the sheet.  Nice
product.  I know their are lots of others.


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