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Re: Readin', wRitin', and Radio (yak)

In a message dated 97-05-21 16:36:49 EDT, you write:

<< the refusal of certain chain outlets to carry books
 that are not sellers and this to adds to the dilemma.  I guess the time of

I was just told the Barnes-Noble has a section for small publishers, but have
not checked it out. If true, I will talk to the manager to see how to go
about approaching them.


P.S. Chronicle books in San Francisco makes beautiful trade editions from
artists' books. They just released Susan King's Treading the Maze: A Journey
Through Breast Cancer. The first edtion (still available) is an interleave
structure, with translucent overlays; the text is brilliant--stories
interweave. Sells for $25. The Chronicle version is hard cover, codex, color
was added. Sells for $17.95. Interesting to juxtapose them.

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