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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 21 May 1997 to 22 May 1997

At 12:00 AM 5/23/97 -0400, you wrote:

From:    "by way of \"Peter D. Verheyen\" <pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>"
Subject: Laser printing on incompatible paper or cloth   (and mesg)

Last week there was an inquiry about printing on papers where one might have
to use a fixative to insure adhesion of the toner. I have experienced the
same problem with some text paper, but learned of a solution that might be of
If you find that the toner has not properly adhered -- you can test with an
eraser or a piece of pressure sensitive tape (cellophane tape)
The standard test is to use drafting tape (specifically 3M Scotch 230
drafting tape, not more than a year old, rubbed on the copy with the palm of
your hand, and pulled off at a 90 or 180 degree angle). Toner which is
visible on the tape has not been fused properly.
Many cellophane tapes will take off part of the paper fibers along with
properly fused toner.
Rupert N. Evans
Prairie Publications
101 West Windsor Road, #4107
Urbana, IL 61802-6697
vox 217-337-7833
fax 217-337-7469

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