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turn-turn-turn structure


I just found an example of the structure on page 221 of Keith Smith's
NonAdhesive book. (second diagram down)
Sounds like you have it right.

I'm doing a limited edition miniature book with the text an essay by Joseph
Conrad. Title is "TASK OF THE ARTIST"

I chose the "upright" position of the title page to position the covers.
It's a little ambiguous, and the folding is really strange to the
uninitiated, but my clients are used to being dumbfounded at what they get
in the mail and spend a while trying to re-fold the thing. I don't very
often (or even believe in) including folding and refolding instructions, but
I think this time I've really done it. I'll put in a little slip of paper to
'splain the thing. The artist, Sylvia Lovell-Cooper, is doing the
illustrations and also the cover paper. They'll all be originals, tipped in.
I should be finished with it by the end of August, so keep an eye on my web
page for a picture of the results.


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