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Re: No mail

At 06:52 AM 5/24/97 -0400, you wrote:
>no mail

What part of the FAQ don't people understand in regards to setting list
options? It's really quite simple. Very much like a DOS prompt, Remember

There are two addresses which concern everyone.

For postings to the list there is:


For commands / setting options there is


The correct syntax is for not getting mail, i.e. vacation is:

set Book_Arts-L nomail

When you get back it's

set Book_Arts-L mail

To unsub it's

unsub Book_Arts-L

Now which address do those types of messages get sent to?

Right. Remember it, learn it.

When I started this list, I helped out ALOT of people with just getting on,
then posting... I don't have the time to do that much anymore. If you can
subscribe yourself, you can set options. There are cases where that won't
work, such as your provider modifying your address, in which case I'll have
to do it, but effective right now, that will be the ONLY instance in which
I will do it for you. When you subscribe, you get a copy of the FAQ, I send
it out weekly, it's on the web at the URL below. No reason to ask the list.

Sorry to be testy, but it's starting to be a pain to deal with.


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