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Pippa and Malcolm--

I'd be very interested in knowing how you and the library approach this
matter from a legal standpoint.  I think (not up-to-date on this) that when
a formal copyright is filed here in the US copies are required for the LOC.
But I'm not aware of any such requirements in the absense of formal
copyright application. The formal application is not necessary for
protection as works are automatically copyrighted upon completion. The
formal filing helps if subsequent litigation takes place.

It seems to me that this raises the question of
book-for-the-sake-of-functional-book vs. book-as-art-object.  I presume
artists in other media are not required to provide copies of their pieces.
So my argument would be that your productions are not an edition, per se,
but a series of individual art objects, considered such by collectors and
the art trade generally.  What if you made minor differences in each copy
so they were not "alike" in the production sense?

Tell us more.  Most interesting matter.

Sam Lanham
Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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