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Re Books and US Copyright and/or LC Deposit Copies:
Iris, my understanding is that merely including the
standard US copyright disclaimer (Copyright c 1997
by Iris Nevins)provides full and complete legal
protection.  For that matter, LC discards most
deposit copies, so bookers should not presume they
have been entombed/enshrined for Eternity @ LC.
(This is not heartlessness on the part of LC--it's
called Need for Another Planet To House the Glut.)
I advise my students to save $20/copyright and
free up DC shelf space and forego Look @ My LC
Copyright Certificate.
Tom Trusky
Boise State University/Idaho Center for the Book

ps:  This is little consolation for South African
bookers; however, I should mention Idaho has a
state statute which requires deposit of copies of
state-funded publications in our state library--and
in designated major libraries around the state.  It
adds up to about 15 freebies of all titles.
I have produced a few limited edition titles
and/or moderately expensive titles which I did not
believe I could afford to disseminate as per state
law.  Because Idaho has non-Nazi librarians, I remain
a free man.  As of this writing.

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