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Concertina Binding

Dear Book Arts People

I am currently working on a project and would be interested in your
collective 2c worth in terms of a possible solution.  The project
comprises four books, focusing on different aspects of a particular
theme.  The first book is to be concertina bound - with an etched
image for both the title page and the colophon and the contents pages
all drawn in pen and ink.  Now my problem lies in the logistics of
soaking and printing the stuff.  I previously have made a book with a
concertina bind, but found when it came to printing the soaked and
folded loooong piece of paper, that it fell to pieces under the
pressure of the intaglio press.  Would it make sense for me to print
my title and colophonic page on separate pieces of paper and then
hinge them onto the main body of work?  Or what else?


Robyn Sassen

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