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Re: No mail

Yes, your reply was REALLY TEsty. =

I'm on the road, and can't access the internet with my powerbook to find
out what I did wrong. I was just trying to get off the list while I'm
teaching for the next two weeks and won't have access to my server. I sen=
a command, following the print out of instructions, but must have sent it=

to the wrong address the night before my 6:45 AM flight. Got it back. So =
desperation tried to do it again. =

I think posting the no mail instructions will help others to comply.
Telling them to look somewhere else (web site) for directions won't help
them comply. =

As for DOS commands, I work on a MAC, so it's not as automatic as you mig=
think. =

Sorry this is such a drag for you, but you might try writing the directio=
in another way, obviously a lot of people are having following the
directions as written. =


Susan King

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