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In U.K. the law is that one copy of every book has to be deposited in the
British Library within one month of publication.  After that, the copyright
agent acting for the 5 other copyright libraries, (Oxford, Cambridge,
Edinburgh, Dublin, Aberystwyth) has 11 months to claim his 5 copies.  If he
doesn't do it in time, then he has to pay for them!
Rumour has it that owing to lack of space, many books are microfilmed upon
receipt then discarded!! Mind you, the book is copyright whether lodged with
the libraries or not.  But it is a problem, with a very limited edition of an
expensive work, if one has to provide the full 6 copies free.

David Bolton
The Alembic Press, Oxford, U.K.
AlembicPrs@xxxxxxx          http://members.aol.com/alembicprs/

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