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Re: Definition of "chine colle"

"tip in or chine
> colle" papers in a concertina binding.  Could you please explain what "chine
> colle" is?Chine colle is a sort of collage technique used in intaglio printing
whereby a (usually thinner) piece of paper is adhered to a heavier
sheet and printed simultaneously.  With a very thin coat of methyl
cellulose or rice paste or pva on the back, the thin paper is positioned
face down on the plate, the heavier paper then placed on top and the
pile run through the press.  IT TAKES VERY LITTLE ADHESIVE, and you
don't want the adhesive to squish out when it goes through the press, so
a bit of experimentation is required.
If you use Kitakata or other strong japanese paper, it could be used for
hinges but might shift in the press.  I was thinking the extra layer of
paper would reinforce the base sheet a bit and could be decorative as
well. Tara

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