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starting off

I am an academic but have a yearning to take up bookbinding which was the
activity I enjoyed most at boarding school but was not allowed to pursue
(not an 'academic' subject).  I got the address of this list from the Web
where I found information about interesting courses, mostly in the USA.
Right now, I am unable to travel for extended periods, so how do I get
started here in Western Australia?  Is it possible to do apprenticeships -
I'm a little tired of formal study in institutions?  At this stage, I'd
like to find a way to learn bookbinding whilst not giving up my current
work until I have acqured some skill.  But if necessary I'm ready to jump!

I'd welcome suggestions, advice, contacts.
Best wishes,

Mari Rhydwen, Humanities, Murdoch University, Perth, WA 6150, Australia

Telephone: 08 9360 2217  Fax: 08 9360 6367

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