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Re: Alps printer

> the ALPS printer--does anyone
> know if it is compatible with postscript? Is there a separate postscript
> application you need to purchase, and if so, do the fonts and EPS files
> print well?

It is not a Postscript printer. Fonts can print fine is you're using
Super ATM or Suitcase or Font Juggler or another font mangement program
in addition to Adobe ATM. The eps files are another story. Any program
that supports Quickdraw output will usually print them ok, but a placed
eps file doesn't always work.

One example:
I had an Letrastudio eps file that wouldn't print correctly, I saved it
in an Adobe Illustrator eps file format, opened it in Photoshop and
resaved it...it printed fine then. I've had problems with placed eps
files in Quark, so I usually avoid this format in Quark. Type in
Photoshop has gotten better, so I use it in place of layout programs,
-IF- there has to be a graphic that intersects or overlays the type.

The Epson, HP and other ink-jet printer, by and large, are not
postscript printers. Color "true" postscript printers are very

Everything I said above  must be understood as being about Macintosh
computers and software.

Also, there are several postscript interpreters on the market. I can't
recommend one, as I haven't used any.

Darryl Baird

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