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Re: turn-turn-turn structure

On 23-May-1997 Pat Baldwin <patbooks@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>It's a little ambiguous, and the folding is really strange to the
>uninitiated, but my clients are used to being dumbfounded at what they get
>in the mail and spend a while trying to re-fold the thing. I don't very
>often (or even believe in) including folding and refolding instructions, but
>I think this time I've really done it. I'll put in a little slip of paper to
>'splain the thing.

Dear Book Art-ers:

This brings up a question I've had for awhile and, either thru fear of
appearing ignorant or just wanting to figure it out for myself, I have
not asked for help.

This concerns the Idaho Center for Book's recent publication "Idaho by
the Book."  This is supposed to be a "tetraflexagon" series of maps
about Idaho's history.  Included are three maps and accompanying text
which somehow flexes and turns in on itself to make the thing readable.
It includes instructions, which, unfortunately, I have never been able
to figure out.  I am not criticizing the instructions (or the instructions
that Pat Baldwin will include in her book (I'm just using her message
as a catalyst).  All I would really like is some help from someone else
who purchased this tetraflexagon on how to make it work.

This might be something to reply off the list unless there are other
unenlightened souls out there like myself.  Thanks for any and all


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