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This is not a Mac vs. Wintel thread!

As the subject states, I don't want to turn this thread into a
"my computer platform is better than your computer platform."
What I am interested in, especially in light of the recent postings
about printers and their system compatabilities, is what type
of computers are book artists using in their book work, what
programs you use, what kind of projects you do on the computer,
the strengths and/or weaknesses of your platform for what you do,
etc.  Maybe this could even evolve into a tips and tricks thread
if people are interested.  Again, I am not wanting to start a
flame war on which computer is better.  I am interested in an
informal survey of the things I listed above.

To start: I am a cross-platform user.  I own a Macintosh Centris 650
(not one of the new PowerMacs) with 12 megs of memory -- which
limits the size of my files, of course -- and an 80 meg harddrive --
ditto the above sentiment -- with a Zip drive to store and run
most of my book arts projects.  I use PageMaker 6.0 to edit a
monthly Mac Users Group newsletter and I am also slowly learning
the rules (in order to break them, hee, hee, hee) of typography.  I hope
someday to be able to create my own texts, lay them out, print them,
and then bind them.  The computer comes into play during the middle
two steps.  Currently I am playing around with a couple of texts
mostly just to see what I can do and what my computer can do.  I
own an Apple Stylewriter (inkjet) printer which isn't quite adequate
for what I would like to print out, so I have been following the
printer thread with interest.  I am also beginning to get into Web-
page design and use Color It! for my digital photo/artwork manipulation
        At work I use a Gateway2000.  I'm not sure of the configuration
mostly because I don't have anything to do with maintaining the
machine or upgrading it and secondly because the Wintel world often
times baffles me.  At work I print labels for boxes and new bindings
using Microsoft Works or Word.  I also dabble a little bit in page
layout, although I am stuck with Microsoft Publisher which I find is
very difficult to use or produce anything more than a one or two page
        Although I feel comfortable using both platforms, I prefer
the Mac for its ease of use (for me) and being able to configure
programs and hardware and the availabilty of the software for page
layout and graphic arts.

So there is my life story about computers.  Anyone else want to share
their computer stories and likes/dislikes?  Please, lets keep this
civil and on topic to the book arts.  Let's not resort to name calling.


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