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Re: turn-turn-turn structure

Dear Eric, as producer of the tetra in question,
I regret unclear "operating instructions."  Let's
try it thisaways:
Holding "Idaho by the Book" opened to page one
so you see the title (IbtB): read and enjoy the
text thereon.  Turn to the backside (p. 2,
"Pioneer Idaho") and revel in news of the PNW's
first press, Idaho's first library, printer, and
oldest-and-still-in-operation bookstore.  Now
you are ready to flex your way through biblio
Gently fold the sides of p. 2 back until the
whole page has been folded in half, vertically.
Insert (clean) thumbnails into center groove.
Pry apart.  There may be some resistance until
you've establish a "memory" in the virginal
paper.  When you pry open the center groove,
the whole page splits open vertically to reveal:
Page 3:  Statehood, aka the first Native American
woman novelist, astonishing film writer/director/
editor/producer and "Feminist" Nell Shipman, Ezra
Pound, etc.
To reveal Contemporary Idaho, again bend back
sides, pry open center groove.  Ah, History,
unfolding for you!
NOTE:  Do not cut the one simple strip of tape
on page one or, if you do, retape it.
If my printed words haven't helped, please
call me @ 208.385.1999 and I'll talk you
through it.  Or, better, once you've tetra'd
and want to share the miracle, you may order
copies, toll free, @ 1.800.992.TEXT.
Happy flexin',
             Tom Trusky

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