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At 04:19 PM 5/26/97 -0300, you wrote:
>At 9:05 AM 97/05/26, LC Lloyd Archive wrote:

>Weird reasoning indeed. As far as I am concerned, a copper plate is a
>"matrix". Prints from this matrix would be original artworks. Offset
>reproductions of these artworks would be reproductions. I'm no lawyer, but

>Luis Nadeau

The legal standing of the "matrix" as it is known, has some origins in cases
invloving fine art prints and a practice popular in the late 1970's and
early 1980's.  In simple terms, "publishing" companies were making orignal
prints from artists' drawings.  Usually hand drawn by the artist or
professional chromist, the key and color separations were made on mylar
drafting film and exposed to photo sensitive litho plates.  From a legal
standpoint these plates were an asset and could be sold, as could the cost
to make them.  The finished lithographic print was secondary to the tax
shelter that could be distilled from the transfer of the plates and sundries
from the "publisher" to a "investor".  In short, an "investment" of
$16,000.oo could be spread out over severals years to gain a $160,00.oo tax
shelter.  Like the Mel Brooks movie _The Producers_ the IRS was right behind
the tax cheats and closed down the practice on the basis that if only
$16,000.oo was AT RISK, only $16,000.oo could be deducted if the
"investment" was a total loss.  The biggest "house" was a company called
Jackie, Inc., a division of WorldCo.  I spite of the silly James Bond names,
the court cases often zeroed in on the printing plates, which were the focus
of the investment and transfer of their ownership, representing the bulk of
the production costs.  Interesting game to watch from afar!  A few years
later, similar scams appeared involving stamps and plates.


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