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Re: This is not a Mac vs. Wintel thread!

Eric--Here's my two cents' worth. I use a PowerMac 7100/80 with 40MG of RAM
and a CD ROM drive with an Apple 300 Personal LaserWriter. I use Microsoft
Word for word processing and to keep track of my labels data base (I can code
it for specific mailings and it will sort for those and two other parameters,
e.g., zip codes). I have QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
in my software library, but I only know how to use Quark (still working on
Photoshop and haven't yet figured out what makes Illustrator necessary
(anything that requires POINT maps to draw a line seems a little excessive to
me)). I use Quark to format newsletters and other self-promotional materials
and to format books that are predominantly text. If I care about resolution,
I take my layout design and all other pertinent info to Kinko's where I pay
to print it out on their 1200 dpi printer. Then I either have it printed (as
in the case of my newsletter) or copied, depending on the quantity needed. I
recently had over 100 slides of books and prints put on a CD ROM so that I
could plug these into layouts through Photoshop and Quark (strictly for
promotional purposes) and eventually into a web page. I don't think I am very
imaginative so far about how to use all this stuff in my books--perhaps a
class would be in order if I could find someone more imaginative and
interesting to teach me. Most computer geeks I have found to be
incomprehensible (that is no doubt at least SOME my failing). Though I have
been interested in web page design, I don't yet know anything about it and
tend to see it also in strictly self-promotional terms, rather than as a
possible new tool in the design of artist books.

Barbara Harman

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