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Re: This is not a Mac vs. Wintel thread!


> perhaps a
> class would be in order if I could find someone more imaginative and
> interesting to teach me. Most computer geeks I have found to be
> incomprehensible

Do you know that the local community college or university has geeks
teaching these? I know from experience that most of these software
packages are taught as major components of fine arts curriculum. We have
Photoshop classes as part of either Fine Art, Photography, or
Multimedia. We teach art, but we use software.

If the thrust of the course is pre-press, it can be very technical and
dry. If the aim is art, then the software is merely a tool, a means to
an end, not an end in itself.


to stay on topic, we teach with Macs, but our lab has an even mix of
both. The windows crowd has been growing lately. They make up about half
of the Photoshop class now.

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