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>This is indeed 'all wet'.  It provides no legal protection whatsover.
>Derek L.
Derek---I'd be interested in seeing the authority for your statement. My
understanding is that the registration does not *confer* rights but just
provides conclusive (I guess) proof of the latest possible date of
creation. The unregistered copyright is just as valid as the registered
one. The problem is proof of date. Any other probative evidence of date can
also be used but may not be conclusive.  The failure to register injects a
fact issue into the case which may be found against the creating artist but
this is a question of evidence, not a question of the legal validity of the
copyright. Obviously registration is the safest way to go and pretty well
closes the door on the date question. But failure to register does not, in
and of itself, sink the ship.

Sam L.
Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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