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I know you don't need to file any more.....an attorney in the Copyright
Offic told me you don't even need a copyright stamp, or to even have sign=
the piece anymore (this is for visual copyrights.....books may be
different), but should be able to prove you created the piece. You can no=
also sue for legal fees even without registering.

BUT......I just love to be able to whip out that registration number. It
really makes people pay you quickly after ripping off your designs. I thi=
many people out there assume most artists are too flaky to be bothered
going after their rightful fees, or maybe they think you're some
starry-eyed kid doing this as a hobby and don't have a clue as to the
legalities, or you'll say "It's OK, just let me know next time." I not on=
have a copyright stamp that goes on the back of each sheet, but it clearl=
spells out that the purchase of the paper does not entitle the buyer to
reproduction rights, with a phone number and address should they wish to
reproduce it. Amazing how many designers in the past haven't seen it!

Iris Nevins

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