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Re: List changes (actually saving email- printing it out)

The list is archived at CoOL (Conservation Online) which also serves as the
home / repository of several other, preservation related listservs. Walter
Henry who manages the site has a strong commitment to preserving the
materials there and I believe that it is VERY well taken care of there.

How long will it remain there. Who knows. I believe as long as Walter is
there the archives will remain safe. Beyond that, who knows, but that is
the way it is even with books. Of course this is the only place the
archives are kept...

Tough question and issue. Hope this answer helps, though I'm sure it hasn't
resolved it.


At 12:04 PM 5/25/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Peter Verheyen:
> a while ago Maureen Carey of Trianon Press Archive
>lamented that in the future there would be little if any materials to show
>the day to day experiences of those who communicate now by means of, for
>example, the internet and other electronic/electromagnetic  means.  The
>hand written
>letters, diaries etc. of yore  are  the prized possessions of her archive.
>How much of this list correspondance will be kept under your jurisdicition,
>and for how long would you say?

Bucheinbandkunst ist Architektur in kleinstem Ma=DFstab
Otto Dorfner

Peter Verheyen, Conservation Librarian
Syracuse University Library
Syracuse, NY 13244

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