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In a message dated 97-05-28 18:18:03 EDT, you write:

<<  No one has paid any attention
 to what I thought was a simple question  >>

First of all, it was not a simple question...and you posted your original
query only three days ago--smack in the middle of Memorial Day Weekend!

This is from your original post on 5-25-97:

<<        I want to use my computer to print out beautiful
calligraphy-font poetry and inspirational/motivational quotations and
bind them into beautiful, elegant books.
For this, I want the most beautiful papers that can go through a laser
jet printer, and to bind them as elegantly as possible.
        I could just make a silk-covered padded album with cording trim,
but I'd much rather make a really beautiful book. Any suggestions for the
best way to make and bind a _FAT_ collection of poetry and inspirational
        And any ideas where I can buy the best papers for this purpose?
       Thankyou so much for any help you can give me. >>

There are so many facts missing, it would be nearly impossible for anyone to
help you. If you take away all the adjectives and adverbs (all subjective),
you have these questions:

1.What are the most beautiful papers to use in a laserjet printer?
2. What is the best way to bind a FAT collection of poetry?
3. Where can I buy the best papers?

    We have spoken of many papers, in fact there has been a recent thread
about this very subject. Rives is a beautiful printmaking paper--but you will
have to visit an art supply store to see the varieties of weights, colors,
etc. Aside from that, there are perhaps hundreds of art papers that could be
cut to size! But beautiful  to whom?
   Also, there is an archive where you can look up topics by
subject--practically any subject--plus you can scroll all the posts. Every
week, Peter runs the same message for new members, listing the homepage, how
to access the archives. Print it out and save it. Refer to it. After you have
done everything to help yourself, then ask for someone's time and help.
  You say nothing of your skill level, but your inexperience is obvious.
There are hundreds of structures and hundreds of variations. There are fine
bindings and artist book structures. There is no one best binding. It has to
do with theme, design, preference of the maker. It's the art of the book!
   Whole courses are built around your 'simple' questions. Read, investigate,
take some courses.
   A final suggestion: You didn't bother to change the subject (above)--I
have been deleting LEGAL DEPOSIT FOR BOOKS without reading--I just happened
to scan this one--and you won't be deleted from this list unless you
unsubscribe with the server. That address was given when you subscribed, in
the original instructions, as well as each week in Peter's updates.

Mary Crest

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