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Re: starting off

I hate to come across like a grinch, but while Mari Rhydwen was looking for a
little assistance, we were too busy chastising Art Rubino for typing before
thinking :-)...
There seem to be a couple of binding organizations in Australia: the
Victorian Binders' Guild and the Craft Bookbinders of Australia. At least I
saw references to them in the CBBAG newsletter. Richard Miller could probably
come up with addresses for them.
Do try and find someone with whom to study; you can read about techniques and
the various operations, but seeing them done by a skilled practitioner will
make all the difference in the world. In spite of what I just wrote, read all
the literature you can find. If you'd like, contact me at the email address
below and I'll send a list of books which I've found helpful.
Don't worry about the age issue; there isn't one. Cobden-Sanderson wasn't the
only figure who started late; Roger Powell began binding at age 34 after a
ten year career of chicken farming.
Best of luck.
Don Rash

Don Rash fine bookbinder
50 Burke St.
Plains, PA 18705
email: DNRash@xxxxxxx
(There are monkey boys in the facility...)

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