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Re: LEGAL DEPOSIT of Books/copyright

  The deposit/copyright question came up for the New England chapter of
the Guild of Book Workers when we did out last exhibit.  The exhibit
committee decided to copyright the catalog because it contained an
original design by one of our members as a logo and to protect the
design work of participants since there were photos of their work.
Since the Guild is a registered non-profit, we got the reduced rate and
had to submit two copies of the catalog with the application.
 From the material I received at the time, I understand that the
copyright statement alone will allow you only to stop subsequent
infringment.  To recover your court costs and secure punitive damages
for violation of your copyright, the copyright must be formally
registered.  The procedure took a few months, but the forms were not
complicated.  It can be expensive for an individual without non-profit
status, but if the work is important to you and likely to be posted to
the web, frequently exhibited, or widely lent out, securing the
copyright is something worth considering.
 Dorothy Africa

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