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In a message dated 97-05-29 00:39:37 EDT, you write:

<< If however, you have registered your copyright and
 someone steals you works knowingly, you have the right tostop XYZ Corp.*AND*
 (THIS IS THE IMPORTANTANT PART) you also have the right to claim any profits
 made by XYZ Corp. from the first violation of the copyright. Without
 registration, you can only lay claim to profits AFTER notifcation. >>

Case closed, I'm convinced. It's only $20, amortized over a small edition,
pennies per book. If it's for a one-of-a-kind work, the registration is in
place for a possible future edition, private or trade. It's a cost of doing
business, and can be incorporated into the price of the book.

Mary Crest

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