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Re: The question that went unanswered

In a message dated 97-05-29 10:24:37 EDT, storrsj@xxxxxxxx (James M Storrs)
<< Perhaps one reason no one addressed the question is that the term
>"calligraphy font" is self contradictory.
 > js >>

I hate to sound like a curmudgeon but sometimes a person will make a request
and perhaps it's not phrased in a formal or proper way but it's a simple (or
not so simple) request anyway.  Not a challenge.  All kinds of folks sign on
mail lists such as this, some hoping to gain something useful or to even
contribute if possible.  Perhaps a bit of patience and civility would take us
further along the path of mutual benefit rather than reinforcing our own
ideas of propriety.  Most of us might already know what that might be but
some folks don't.

Peter's suggestion to use the archives was probably the most appropriate
response but a needless harranging over petty points seems a little

Chris Ray


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