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Re: No Subject

In a message dated 97-05-29 01:23:30 EDT, you write:

<< You don't have to be so nasty and vicious - all you or
 anyone had to do was ask me to clarify what experience I've
 had and exactly what I want to do.   But that would have been
 the nice thing to do, and you sure wouldn't want to do that.
 Just leave me alone and get me off this nasty list. >>


   Your sarcastic remark about unsubscribing (because of) no one answering
your question was irritating. It sounded like you were picking up your
marbles and going home because we wouldn't let you play. I perceived the list
being unfairly attacked.
   I was actually trying to help you see how impossible your 'simple
question' was to answer. I thought I gave you the information needed to
narrow down the question to specifics. And I took the time, while on
deadline, to do it.

Mary Crest

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