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At 07:26 AM 5/29/97 UT, you wrote:
>Nice of you to answer this Mary.
>I wonder how many participants realize that in these forums, no one is under
>any obligation whatsoever to ask or  answer any questions. Anyone can express
>any conventional or oddball opinion. No one has to agree with it or even
>acknowledge it. Any person with an off center opinion or a big ego can expect
>to be kicked in the butt repeatedly by critics, some of whom may be
>constructive, but some of  whom may have ventured nothing, have nothing better
>to do, and have no real contribution to make. Further, appearances can be
>deceiving. Subscribers names can be aliases. You may think that you are
>talking to a sweet girl from Topeka,  but really speaking with a serial killer
>in a max security prison in Alaska.  Only a few of us, mostly dealers,  ever
>publish our real addresses. Seems a wonderfull system to me !
Art !,

 You really nailed me!  I really am a sweet Alaskian female serial killer
from Topeka, and my library job is just a cover!


      M I C H A E L   M O R I N                  M.F.A., M.L.S.
    Director Celtic Press                Instructional Media Librarian
     Buffalo  New York                   D'Youville College Library
 Member Buffalo Free-Net Information Development Committee
       Member Buffalo Free-Net Executive Board of Directors

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