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Re: conservation storage

Call Gaylord at 1-800-448-6160 and request their "Preservation Pathfinder
No. 2: Archival Storage of Paper."

They give illustrations and examples of many different types of
enclosures and tell you why you should or shouldn't use particular types
of materials. To quote:

"Three types of plastic are suitable for archival storage because they
are chemically stable and do not release any harmful gases. Polypropylene
is commonly used for containers. Polyethylene is highly flexible but not
as clear; it is used for sleeves and bags. Enclosures for paper artifacts
are most often made of uncoated polyester, but only Dupont Mylar (r) Type
D and ICI Melinex (TM) 516 meet tests for long-term stability."

Clara Keyes

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