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Exhibit - "A MUSEUM......."


Walk into this show. Then walk into the spectacular shows within this show.
Each painting, each installation, is a door into more complex and exciting
worlds.  There are more doors through which to enter:  There is a group of
boxes that are packages, the contents of which are an invitation to imagine
the vast possibilities of content as a recipient of a package:  there are
six large oil paintings -- like big doors left ajar;  and there are five
small paintings with latches that you can literally open up.  The words
that title the pieces in the show, or refuse the conventions of titling (as
the titles do not correlate directly with any specific peices), suggest the
unhinging of word and thing.  Indeed they suggest the refusal and
impossibility of direct representation as in Magritte's "This is not a
pipe".  "This is not a show" could be the brilliant phrase that the two
artists, Kim Collet and Brooke Holve, whose work is collected here wish us
to consider and the conceptual umbrella under which they have made their
collaborative work.  As participant/viewer I take this phrase as guide for
travelling through the show itself.  I am thus unleashed into the acute
touristic pleasure of navigating these chartreuse geographies as if walking
wide awake through a 3-D dreamscape.

The contexts that inform this work are wide-ranging and make an exciting
and unexpected nexus when put in the vicinity of one another.  They include
the act and reflection on the act of collaboration; the writings of the
turn-of-the-century author, Dorothy Richardson on punctuation and
repetition; San Francisco abstract expressionism; and dreams and images
from dreams.  What is "a the s & s of A package", located on the list of
titles under Exhibit "A"? Who is the muse of this anti-museum? Who or what
is being reviewed in "uu a review" listed under Exhibit "U"? When in the
history of modern art have we ever been presented with questions a
compelling as these?  The answeres are infinite  --  as are the myriad
wonderous ways in which this work will engage you -- and continue to be
present for days.

                                       ---Susan Gevirtz

The show, "A MUSEUM =F7 2 =3D WHET KNOWS; PAINTINGS IN COMMON", runs from Ap=
30 - June 24, l997, Mon. through Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm at the Santa Rosa
City Chambers  100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa, California (enter through
Suite 10, upstairs).  Sponsored by the City of Santa Rosa and Cultural Arts
Council of Sonoma County.  Information: 707/579-ARTS or Brooke Holve

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