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How to read a Tesla Coil

a tour of the show of artists' books "You Call That a Book?"
San Francisco Center for the Book
300 de Haro at 16th Street, San Francisco
Saturday May 31, at 2 pm
free to the public

Info:   415 565 0545, info@xxxxxxxx

The exhibition "You Call That a Book?" continuing through June 14, features
the work of 34 artists who incorporate materials ranging from paper bags to
condoms to Tesla coils in their imaginative and technically superb
constructions. This is a selection of some of the most inventive and
accomplished work yet produced in an art form most people are still unaware

The tour will include informal talks by curator Steve Woodall, artist and
critic Frances Butler, and Mills College Special Collections librarian
Janice Braun. Several artists represented in the show will also be on hand
to discuss their work.

With roots going back to William Blake and beyond, the artist's book
emerged in the 1970's as a newly recognized genre in the world of visual
art. The form continues to grow exponentially, abetted by art school and
university programs, and the appearance of centers for the study and
promotion of the form, such as the San Francisco Center for the Book.

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