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This thread which started on the unjust depository requirements in
South Africa seems to have moved to the problems of copyright
protection in the US!

Am I right in saying that the requirements of depositing a copy at the
Library of Congress is *voluntary* and only necessary if you wish to
secure copyright?
The requirement of depositing copies in South Africa (and Canada?) is
*compulsory* and does not secure copyright.

I wonder whether anyone knows whether the deposit of a book published
outside of the US at the L.O.C. would secure copyright?

It seems obvious that, if libraries are legally entitled to free
copies of books, the definition of "book" would be as wide as
possible!  This is certainly the case in South Africa where I believe
virtually any editiioned artist's book would fall into the net.

What would interest me, would be the demand for a depository copy of a
"book" which does not have the characteristics of what I call "the
Four P's" - Packaged with Paper, Pictures and Print, which Pippa's
book so obviously had.  For example the famous Circle Press book "The
Mirror Book" made from glass (mirrors) and having no text or
illustration but packaged as a codex and looking like a book.  I
wonder whether Ron King sent a copy of this book to the five UK
depository libraries?  Does anyone have examples; perhaps in Canada?

Jack M. Ginsberg
E-mail: jackg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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