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Re: Marbling bibliography

In a message dated 5.30.97 6:50:45 AM, you wrote:

<<If anyone notices
any omissions or wishes to suggest other titles, please let me know and
I'll add them.>>

There is always: "Marbled Vignettes" by Norma Rubovits. Published by Dawson's
Book Shop, Los Angeles. 1992. Including Muir Dawson & Norma Rubovits in
Conversion. (A beautifully presented book!!!! 135 copies....designed and
printed letterpress by Patrick Reagh. Of this number 35 copies are contained
in a box with 5 matted examples of marbled vignettes. The additional 100
copies are bound with one vignette frontispiece. The binding is designed by
Norma Rubovits and bound by Ann Repp. The type is Monotype Bembo and the
paper is Arches Text Wove.) If there are any copies left they are available
from Dawson's Book Shop in Los Angeles.

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