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Re: Introduction -- and expressing some concern

Dear Jennifer:
      As in life, we are going to meet all kinds on the internet.

NEVER take offense at anything anyone types onto their screen and lets loose

in the void for the rest of us to lurk, smirk or work at.

Also the written word is void of vice, tone, body language and eye contact.

Its mean and lean and we read way too much into it.  We cant after all read

anyone's mind and sometimes cant even read our own.    :)

      So have fun with us and enjoy...there's lots of wonderful people out here

who are more than generous with their time and talent.  I could list  half a

dozen of my favorites - REAL experts some of them, others seeking and searching

and reaching out in friendship.   Ask yourself..why DO people use the internet??

     And know what's really fun?  When you finally meet some of these people at

conferences, exhibits, classes.



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