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Marbling bibliography

These have been added to the bibliography

from John Morris
Assistant Keeper
National Library of Scotland

Well done Dolores Guffy!

Just a few items off my shelves:-

Haemmerle, Albert. Buntpapier Herkommen Geschichte Techniken Beziehungen zur
Kunst. Munchen: Verlag Georg D. W. Callwey, 1961. 251 pages.

Heijbroek, J. F. and T. C. Greven. Sierpapier, marmer-, brocaat- en sitspapier
in Nederland. Amsterdam, De Buitenkant, 1994. 158 pages.

Quilici, Piccarda. Carte decorate nella legatoria del '700 dalle raccolte
Biblioteca Casanatense. Roma: Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, 1989.
281 pages.

Wolfe, Richard J. Marbled paper its history, techniques, and patterns.
Philadelphia: University of Pensylvania Press, 1990. 245 pages.

Woolnough, C.W. The art of marbling as applied to book edges and paper... with
apbrief notice of its recent application to textile fabrics. London: Alexander
Heylin, 1853. 80 pages.

Best Wishes

John Morris

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