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Marbling bibliography

To Dolores Guffy....

I noticed you missed my VARIETIES OF SPANISH MARBLING, 1991, 1993
Hardbound, 12 original tipped-in samples of Spanish Marbling; 79pp. First=

ed.Bird & Bull; current edition Nevins, Johnsonburg, NJ.

I also did a reprint of Nicholson's Manual Of The Art Of Bookbinding in
1986 with 18 original tipped-in samples (the original had only 7) in the
marbling section. This is no longer available though.

You've also missed Richard Wolf's big history of marbling.

Phoebe Easton(e-mail me privately for her address if needed) can, I'm sur=
add volumes (pardon the pun!) to your list. Have you been in touch with
her? She's a delight and I'm sure would love to hear from you and fill in=

gaps I'm not even aware of myself. I'm sure she'd love to help on your
valuable project.

Best of luck....Iris Nevins

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